Edge+ is the first professional network to help project professionals get referred to roles to suit their needs, financially, culturally and support a lifestyle that suits and in most cases with people you know. If you are a Project Manager, Business AnalystPortfolio ManagerProject CoordinatorChange ManagerTest LeadPMO or Program Director – this is for you.

Edge+ is the first professional network to help you find an experienced, referred and vetted professional resource for your current or upcoming project requirements.  No more placing expensive ads or drawing up convoluted and confusing job descriptions. Just a role and requirements brief that we will present to the most qualified professionals in our network at no charge and you can expect a result in 24 – 72 hours.

  • The opportunity to submit role descriptions/briefs across the exclusive, pre-qualified, vetted member base at no charge. (currently 1150+ members)
  • The opportunity to promote your professional profile at no charge to the entire Edgemember base of your choosing or to your specified organisation’s. One profile across 1150+ like-minded and known professionals.
  • Receive early unpublished exclusive notice of upcoming roles.
  • Receive notice in advance of qualified professionals becoming available.
  • A chance to move away from the traditional “seek, send, beg and hope” treadmill process.

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gearWhat We Do


Edgehas developed and maintains the only private professional project management network in Australia.  We recognise the challenges individual project managers and project support professionals face in this market and we recognise the difficulty in finding the right skills and talent to resource time and budget sensitive projects.

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whoweare1Who We Are


Edge+ provides professional project management resources for leading organisations in the finance and insurance sectors. Our unique model solves the problem of finding the right person for the right project and in a timely fashion, in most cases 24 to 72 hours. Edge+ cultivates a professional network of senior project managers and project support specialists.

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What Members say about the Edge+ Network:

“This is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise horrible experience with traditional firms.”

-Carla, network member

“I have reduced the time filling very sensitive roles to one meeting when I know they have come from The Edge+ team.”

-Hiring Manager, large insurance company

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